My name is Marcel Bückner.

I am a contemporary artist, director and creative technologist working at the intersection of installation art, sculpture, film and performance. By superimposing image, light, sound and code, I am investigating poetic forms of expression in space. This approach leads to atmospheric narratives and algorithmic environments exploring different perceptual concepts and the ongoing interplay of organic and artificial complexity and aesthetic. In my artistic work I stage encounters as immersive imagination and experimental experience through speculative simulations, augmented animations and field recordings.

My projects have been internationally exhibited and repeatedly honoured.

My work is often based on interdisciplinary collaborations with musicians, writers, performers and scientists. I do creative and technical direction, sometimes curating and lecturing. I am co-founder of the collective art studio Xenorama.

Feel free to contact me for collaboration or consulting.

This website shows only a selection of my work.