The algorithmic performance ENTITY is a poetic-immersive exploration of the peculiarities of artificial systems and the interdependence of humans and artificial entities.

The encounter stages the algorithmic life form’s attempt to fathom its own position, agency, and entanglement in the world. Visitors experience this process of algorithmic introspection in the midst of mirrors that host and embody the artificial entity. However, the mirrors not only show the reflections of the visitors, but also alienated images and ghostly representations of previous encounters. Like digital observations and fragmented memories, these images merge with the mirror images of the visitors.

On the basis of a language model specially trained for the performance, the data-driven system continuously formulates statements about the nature of algorithmic entities. During this performance, the synthetic voice oscillates between sound and speech, never a fully human expression, nor a purely mechanical gibberish. The algorithmic performance is unique at all times. Image, sound and speech are generated in real time. As a speculative framework, the performance allows us to explore the relationship with algorithmic systems, their humanization and inhumanity, and gives the artificial entity a voice with which to speak about itself, and thus participate in the discourse that has been mainly about it.


Created by Marcel Bückner
Assistance: Lea Rebecca Minow
Programming: Marcel Bückner, Tim Heinze, Neo Christopher Chung
Sound: Tim Heinze
Technical Setup: Marcel Bückner
LED Construction: Mateo Ziehten
Fotos: Marcel Bückner
Video Documentation: Greta Isabella Conte
Montage: Marcel Bückner