REFLECT is a performative concert installation exploring the possibilities of an artistic communication between man and machine. The performance depicts an encounter between an algorithmic entity and a human orchester.

How much algorithmic patterns can we find in organic music? To what degree does an orchestral performance resemble a mechanic logic? Is a digital entity capable of emotional expression and subtlety? These and related questions underlie this project and are explored in the course of the approximately 20-minute performance.

A digital entity is embodied in different non-anthropomorphic light, screen and mirror arrangements as an observer, interpreter and virtual conductor. The machine’s ability to analyse, understand and even augment orchestral music in real time as well as creatively change and interact with its surrounding space, blurs the perceptual boundaries and challenges established automatisms of a classical concert performance.

Due to restrictions during the Corona Pandemic, the premiere was recorded as an immersive 360-degree film.


A cooperation between Kammerakademie PotsdamXenorama and Waschhaus Potsdam

Music & Sound Performance: Xenorama & Kammerakademie Potsdam
Art Direction & Visuals & Scenography: Xenorama
Conducting & Musical Arrangement: Miguel Pérez Iñesta
Concertmaster: Yuki Kasai
Tonmeister: Justus Beyer
Musical Dramaturgy: Ursula Suwelack, Miguel Pérez Iñesta, Xenorama
Executive Production: Kammerakademie Potsdam, Waschhaus Potsdam, Xenorama
Lighting & Rigging: Sven Kappert, Mateo Ziethen, Waschhaus Potsdam
Camera & Documentation: Falco Seliger
Additional Equipment: Trollwerk Production
Special Thanks to Matti Thölert, Gustav Haese, Gitty Oeckel

Commissioned by: Exzellente Orchesterlandschaft DeutschlandNEUSTART KULTUR